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Twitter for small business in SA

– By Duncan Edwards – Twitter has launched an advertising platform targeted at South African small businesses so they can take advantage of the globally popular social network. The US-based company launched the service to help small businesses extend their reach … Continue reading

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Social Media in Africa – on Balancing-Act

Talking to Russell Southwood of about social media in Africa, including some examples of campaigns and work done on mobile in Africa.

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Building a social media strategy

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Mobile phones tackle poverty

Forever and a day, there has been much hype about the potential for ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to change peoples’ lives. While I have never doubted that, it has been something rather obscure to prove. Here is a rather … Continue reading

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Rural Kenyan Chief Finds Notoriety on Twitter

  @Chiefkariuki is Africa’s new novelty, thanks to Associated Press. A chief in Kenya, Francis Kariuki, says he uses twitter to communicate with his villagers. His village is called Lanet Umoja and is 160 kilometres west of the capital, Nairobi. One … Continue reading

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The future of handsets – in Africa

The postscript – in Africa – is the most important part of this title. Many places you go, people are quick to talk Apple and Android (and at a push, Blackberry) when talking of the future. But really, do they … Continue reading

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Why Syria isn’t in the headlines more

Here is an interesting story about how social media interacts with other media (and other variables) to get the world’s attention – or not. Syria has been in crisis for 11 months. While it’s definitely a feature on the twitter … Continue reading

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