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What is appropriate online? Be aware of being public

– from News24.com – By Duncan Alfreds Cape Town – New research has found that adult content consumption is growing rapidly on mobile devices. According to Juniper Research, 250 million people will use their mobile phones or tablets to access … Continue reading

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Alistair Fairweather – social media is not a fad

These days, the proliferation of social media means that everyone is a publisher. That can create some angst for journalists whose bread and butter comes from publishing good journalism. However, Alistair Fairweather* says that social media creates some good tools … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky on civic value and cognitive surplus

A few weeks ago when I signed up to tech4Africa  and started to feel the hype of Clay Shirky, I asked my bookshop for a copy of his latest book, Cognitive Surplus. Fortuitously, the day before the conference, they phoned … Continue reading

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Content, conversation, community – Social media is about people, not brands

Social media is about being genuine.  The buzz of “social media” has created a pool of people calling themselves social media gurus, experts, mavens, you name it. This frenzy and popularity, still largely in the IT bubble (and where it … Continue reading

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Is it disempowering to pay people a few cents for a job?

It’s pretty tricky to criticize someone who’s trying to do good and seems to have the best intentions in the world. Laila Chirayath Janah (the darling of tech4Africa yesterday) heads up Samasource, whose strap line is “We bring dignified, computer-based … Continue reading

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The knowledge economy is the kitchen of ideas

Curry paste? … what on earth does curry paste have to do with the knowledge economy?  Steve Song says the knowledge economy is like the “kitchen of ideas”. If you don’t have access to the recipe, you waste time making … Continue reading

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Ushahidi – packing a powerful (and honest) punch

Who hasn’t heard about Ushahidi? That was the first question posed by Erik Hersman at his tech4Africa presentation today. Astoundingly, about 30% of the crowd raised their hands. My first thought was sheer disbelief – They don’t know about ushahidi? Where … Continue reading

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