About me

Afrosocialmedia focuses on leveraging social media and online communications in Africa, to promote economic and social development.

My name is Samantha Fleming and I’ve been working in ICT for Development since 1997, when I discovered opportunities for virtual diplomacy in conflict resolution in central Africa. I’ve worked in both England and South Africa in both corporate and NGO environments. I’m part-sociologist, part-psychologist, part-geek and I love innovation and experimentation, especially when the focus is on social justice.
I have a passion for assisting nonprofits who want to explore the power of social networking but have no geek skills. I also have a masters in HIV and poverty in Africa.  I currently work with African organisations advising on strategic online communications and social media strategies.

My most recent personal project is Kids Giving – teaching kids the value in giving, and how to be human with each other – http://bitly.com/kidsgivingSA.

If I had any spare time I’d spend it devouring sea air, chocolate, books, wine, stinky french cheese, and good fresh mountain walks with my dream man and my gorgeous kids.

See more details on linkedin here – http://za.linkedin.com/in/samanthafleming/