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The future of handsets – in Africa

The postscript – in Africa – is the most important part of this title. Many places you go, people are quick to talk Apple and Android (and at a push, Blackberry) when talking of the future. But really, do they … Continue reading

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Wireless Data From Every Lightbulb?

Imagine if we could send data through a lightbulb? Well, Harald Haas (of University of Edinborough) reckons maybe we can. This is an idea that could well take off in Africa, where infrastructure (or lack thereof) seriously hampers data transfer. … Continue reading

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State of the mobile web in Africa

Opera’s latest stats show continued growth in use of the mobile web in Africa. The top 10 countries using the Opera Mini browser are Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia and Morocco. The most popular sites in … Continue reading

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How will the world use the internet in 2015?

Internet traffic is only set to grow, as information consumers guzzle more by the day. It seems we simply cannot get enough information (sidenote – do we spend enough time CREATING decent content, if we’re so busy reading someone else’s?) … Continue reading

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Talking to the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) #SMWF

Talking to Debbie Rogers, digital strategist at Praekelt Foundation about MXit and the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) in Africa. Listen here – Praekelt and Social Media in Africa – Debbie Rogers | ipadio | Talk to your World. The cellphone … Continue reading

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Nigeria turns 50. What is there to celebrate?

On Friday 1 October 2010, Nigeria celebrated 50 years of independence. So what is there to celebrate? Some people think not much, including Wole Soyinka (Nigeria’s nobel laureate), who has recently launched a new political party – called the Democratic … Continue reading

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The knowledge economy is the kitchen of ideas

Curry paste? … what on earth does curry paste have to do with the knowledge economy?  Steve Song says the knowledge economy is like the “kitchen of ideas”. If you don’t have access to the recipe, you waste time making … Continue reading

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